Following the death of my partner, I found myself in a precarious financial position and was overwhelmed with all that I had to attend to.


I will be eternally grateful to Sue Clarke for her source of comfort and empathy, sound advice, guidance and good common sense, through a very difficult period of my life.


I highly recommend her to anybody for attention to detail, her professionalism,, patience and caring manner and genuinely looking out for YOUR best interest and outcome.


Helen Hewett

23 September 2013


 Lane Burdett has endorsed Sue's work as Owner at Pivot Accounting Services.


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Details of the Recommendation: "In my work I deal with a lot of small to medium business owners and few show Sue's professionalism and genuine interest in their clients. She is always focused on best practice and the outcomes that follow. Sue is honest and shows integrity at all times which is vital to me as I'm sure it is to you...


The thing that stays in my mind is her knowledge for figures and what should be/can be done with them. I would highly recommend Sue Clarke and Pivot Accounting for all your Accounting related needs..."


Lane Burdett




  “I approached Sue Clarke, Principal of Pivot Accounting Services, to assist me with my tax last year.  I had several years of tax outstanding and found Sue to be highly competent, provided great accounting advice and dealt with my personal situation in a very professional manner.  Through her high level of capabilities and negotiation skills, interest charges outstanding were minimised and resulted in a very favourable outcome for me.  Based on my own experience I would highly recommend Sue to anyone who requires tax advice or support”.


 Gillian Robinson 




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